Friday, January 20, 2023

Lakewood Theater's 2023 Season

The season has recently been announced, and oh what a wonderful season it will be! For full descriptions, visit the Lakewood Theater website here

Final Appearance May 25th - June 3th

The Outsider June 8th- June 17th

The Great Fishing Derby June 22nd - July 1st

Half Time - Gotta Dance July 6th - July 15th

Hope & Gravity July 20th - July 29th

Something Rotten August 3rd - August 12th

Leading Ladies August 17th - August 26th

Anatomies August 31st - September 9th

Lafferty’s Wake September 14th - September 23rd

Saturday, December 24, 2022

the force of water

We, like many others in the area, had downpours of rain yesterday. Hayden Brook filled and swelled and raged past, and for a bit of time flowed ... yes, flowed... under and around the Sugar Tree cottage itself. 

Other than a sprint I took up the small hill to Hayden Street when someone called to say the roof of the Tower House was on fire - it wasn't, but a tree branch had fallen and ignited itself on the powerlines by the neighbor's, and from the individual's perspective it looked as if flames were coming from the TH roof - the strong winds and continuing rain made me think it best to stay sheltered and not venture too far in the dark of night.

The sun risen and the rain ceased, the brook has now returned to the confines of its path, though still quite high; and the banks indeed quite reshaped. 

On this morning's walk I found the heavy metal bridge frame at the Gardeners Cottage bent and twisted, and looking like it fought it's hardest against the water, ice, and tree branches the brook had accumulated along it's way.  

Thursday, December 22, 2022

challenge for the bees


We've said it before... we love bees. We very much want to invite lots of happy bees to pollinate and buzz around our plants and gardens on Olive Street! And wouldn't it be cool to make our own honey...someday?

Personally, I am allergic to certain bees and wasps (doesn't prevent me from being friendly with them and housing Mason Bees et cetera though!) Well MOFGA is offering a three part webinar on beekeping for beginers starting in January... so here's the dealio: if you apply and are accepted for the 2023 Gardeners Cottage position, an artists residency, or Lakewood housing, and you take this course, we will reimburse you (at the $40 level) for it. If you commit to be a volunteer and complete a minimum of 100 hours by the end of the season, and you take this course, we will reimburse you for it.

Helps our project, helps the bees, helps the planet. A worthy investment for sure!

Read more about the course here

Wednesday, December 14, 2022

waiting for snow

Peach at the Sugar Tree cottage sharing tea time, and waiting for snow.

Borrowed mugs at the ready for hot chocolate to offer to cross-country skiiers later in the season; when the porch becomes a warming area.

But first we need the snow. 

Friday, November 18, 2022

The Cabbage

There is a new member to the family of cabins & cottages that make up the housing part of the On Olive Street project! She is and will forever be known as "The Cabbage" and sits up on the hilly side of Olive Street, tucked into the woods, overlooking the brook. A very special place indeed.

The Cabbage consists of one main room, a small kitchen, and a bathroom - we will be adding a sleeping loft over the winter. This cabin/cottage is best suited for one to two people

Wednesday, October 19, 2022

late October at the Sugar Tree Cottage

Instead of the bustling list of activies I had in mind, things are taking a slower pace on Olive Street this October.

Hot spiced apple cider is a regular happening.

An extra quilt or two has been placed on the bed.

All of the potted plants but the mums and cabbages have been brought in from the cold and are currently enjoying the porch, now fitted with its winter hot-house style panels: there are still peppers and tomatos growing. Harvested carrots and pototoes are tucked into their respective baskets in the kitchen.

Peach, the cottage cat, and I have woken up to frost-covered fallen leaves on the ground and trees outside the window.

The theme at the Sugar Tree cottage include sugar skulls my son and I made from molds and decorated years ago - carefully wrapped in tissue paper and stored away each November 2nd for the next October - and a few colorful felt flowers. 

October will be ending too soon. November... brings the woodstove.

Friday, September 30, 2022

October on Olive Street

October is such a beautiful time of year! It brings with it slowing down and a chance to breathe in the cool air. The bright flowers of summer give way to the muted colors of mums, the squirrels start to get a little more serious with thier gathering. On Olive Street it means the transition from the summer season to the winter and the change of activities.  A tiny flea market in being planned to take place at the Tower House this month, as we let a few things from storage go and offer handmade goods from the Sugar Tree Cottage. [contact me if you would like to set up a table here as well]   We are also still seeking volunteers for Halloween to decorate, dress up, and hand out goodies perhaps.... and if there is enough interest we could do a haunted house! Or two or three even? 

November will see us continuing projects, including the repairs to the bridge for my Sugar Tree Cottage, so we can again be welcoming nordic skiiers in for hot chocolate this winter; and the small studio space will be available. Studio space will also be opened at the Tower House. What comes next after that is shifting the Perkins House on it's axis to set a little further back from the corner, and make way perhaps for planting more apple trees next May. Through the rest of the winter the Brook House will be completed, as well as the new Gardeners Cottage... and maybe another surprise or two. 

Right now we are enjoying the last few opportunities to dine at the Lakewood Inn Restaurant, and looking forward to the actor's awards banquet for Lakewood Theater in a couple of weeks. Though that side of the brook gets sleepy soon, we remain to watch the ice and snow arrive, and melt again. Cozy in our cottages

Monday, September 12, 2022

Anything to Declare?

It's the final show of the season and what a farce!

The Dupont family is thrilled that their na├»ve young daughter has married Count Robert de Trivelin. However, upon returning from their honeymoon, it is made clear that the young bridegroom has yet to consummate the marriage, and indeed seems to be suffering from a psychological block brought on by a border crossing guard yelling out “Have you anything to declare?” at a particularly delicate moment. With only three days left to meet his mother-in-law’s demand for a grandson, or at least the promise of one, the count seeks the assistance of Zeze, a courtesan who is passing herself off to her clientele as a prominent artist. The entire Dupont family manages to parade through Zeze’s salon and back to the Dupont home, along with a sobbing ex-suitor of the bride, a camel dealer of unknown origin, and a maid desperate to break ties with Zeze and start a career of her own. As the clock continues to tick away, a chaotic race to consummate the marriage results in everyone learning just a little bit more than they might have wanted to!

With Olive Street's own Autumn Stupca, Tucker Atwood, and Jakob Sutton, along with Midge Pomelow as well!

September 15th - 24th. Tickets available at or call 207-474-7176.

Tuesday, July 26, 2022

plein air artist space

Announcing new plein air artist space available! 

It is with great pleasure that we have added another to our family of camps on Olive Street. 

Resting very beautifully on Hayden Brook beside the Brook House, and across from the Perkins House, we have aquired number 16.

Though the camp itself will not be available for guests* until next season, arrangements for artists to visit this lovely garden are open! Please contact us for more information and to reserve a time to enjoy this spot.

*It is my desire that this be a community education building, where classes on the flowers, gardening, uses of botanicals, and perhaps painting workshops can take place; making the most use of it's location. We will be searching for a resident that has gardening knowledge/experiance, and applications will be available later this winter. If you are interested in more information about the position, please see here

Sunday, July 17, 2022

Dirty Rotten Scoundrals

What a great time was had at Lakewood Theater during the performances of the Drowsy Chaperone! The next musical at Lakewood Theater, running August 18th - 27th, will be Dirty Rotten Scoundrals.

"The play based on the popular 1988 MGM film, takes us to the French Riviera for high jinks and hilarity. Sophisticated, suave with a good dash of mischief, this hysterical comedy features a delightfully jazzy score and was nominated for a staggering eleven Tony Awards."

Olive Street's Jakob Sutton can be seen popping up now and again, with more than half a dozen charectors

Tickets are available online or at the box office office 207-474-7176