Wednesday, October 19, 2022

late October at the Sugar Tree Cottage

Instead of the bustling list of activies I had in mind, things are taking a slower pace on Olive Street this October.

Hot spiced apple cider is a regular happening.

An extra quilt or two has been placed on the bed.

All of the potted plants but the mums and cabbages have been brought in from the cold and are currently enjoying the porch, now fitted with its winter hot-house style panels: there are still peppers and tomatos growing. Harvested carrots and pototoes are tucked into their respective baskets in the kitchen.

Peach, the cottage cat, and I have woken up to frost-covered fallen leaves on the ground and trees outside the window.

The theme at the Sugar Tree cottage include sugar skulls my son and I made from molds and decorated years ago - carefully wrapped in tissue paper and stored away each November 2nd for the next October - and a few colorful felt flowers. 

October will be ending too soon. November... brings the woodstove.