Monday, January 30, 2023

let's get cooking

The kitchens at the cabins/cottages/houses here On Olive Street, deserve some good cooking pots, pans, bowls, utensils and so on. Part of the project is community cooking. Growing our own foods in our own gardens and preparing them in meals for the other members of the residence on a regular basis, and occasionally the community at large. 

After quality research and budget considerations, the Pampered Chef plan was decided upon as a means to acquire the items through fundraising.  Eventually every residence will have a selection. Additionally we may use the Pampered Chef catalog/website sales for fundraising for the On Olive Street project in general.

Catalogs can be found in each of the residences to share with family and friends if you wish. The weblink is here  and there is a facebook group here. 

Friday, January 20, 2023

Lakewood Theater's 2023 Season

The season has recently been announced, and oh what a wonderful season it will be! For full descriptions, visit the Lakewood Theater website here

Final Appearance May 25th - June 3th

The Outsider June 8th- June 17th

The Great Fishing Derby June 22nd - July 1st

Half Time July 6th - July 15th

Hope & Gravity July 20th - July 29th

Catch Me If You Can August 3rd - August 12th

Leading Ladies August 17th - August 26th

Anatomies August 31st - September 9th

Lafferty’s Wake September 14th - September 23rd

Ticket information including seating chart available here

Thursday, January 19, 2023

cats, dogs, lizards, fish

The indomitable MJ Clifford took these photos of my Peach & her Willow enjoying some sun upon the porch of the Sugar Tree cottage last September. Peach is a permanent year round resident at the cottage now, and Willow has her run of the place for as many weeks as she desires each summer. [She is Queen and was there first]

In 2021 we fostered a litter of wee kittens and their mum at the cottage, and are open to foster another furry family again this year. Indeed I'm a 'cat lady' and simply can't imagine a home without a cat or two.

We've never been asked before - though if we had been the answer most likely would have been yes - but as we figure out lodging in the other camps and cottages for the 2023 season, we invite guests to inquire about bringing their cats, dogs and other friendly creatures along. We ask for a little information about how well your friend gets along with others and such, and we will need to limit the number of those we do allow, but here is the general announcement that we welcome your companions!.

Of course we will also be sure that at least one of the shared residences remain pet free for allergy and other reasons!