Sunday, October 22, 2023

artist community - Waterville

I am so very excited to share this! Much like what we on Olive Street offer to artists seasonally through the residency program, these wonderful people are organizing for folks year round! Please see the contact info below


Artist Community - creating a living and studio

Do you know a local artist in the Waterville area? Are there any artists in the Waterville and Kennebec County interested in creating a artist Housing collaborative?

We're working with a small group of folks in our network to create something of an artist community - if you or someone you know are interested in getting involved, send us an email and we'll make the connections -

A few of us have a building owner willing to rent two 2br/1ba apartments (each with a full kitchen, and living room) in their 3 unit building with the opportunity to host artist feature/opening events and showing our art for sale at their other vacation properties/buildings if we can bring together 3-5 fellow artists (any type is welcome: paint, drawing, spoken word, writers...)!!!
For now we're hoping for the following:
$575/room/person, but we could get it discounted if we rent for all 4 bedrooms.
The goal now would be to use one of the living rooms as a shared studio space for everyone.