Friday, March 27, 2020

more of Olive Hayden

Sharing some more writing about Olive Hayden. Again, just like the newspaper article of her passing, the language is blunt and yet very beautiful at the same time.


From: HAYDEN GENEALOGY  Notes from "Haydens in England"  Braintree Town Records 1640-1793 RECORDS OF WILLIAM HAYDEN, Madison Pond, Maine.  Inter-marrying Families.  Everything that would interest a "Hayden"  By MINA E. POMEROY, Saint Paul Preas of R. J. Maybell Stationery Co. 1915

Eighth Generation. Olive Hayden born Aug. 17, 1849, on her Grandfather's old farm, on the shores of the beautiful Hayden Lake. There is nothing left of the old house but the cellar. She is now living on her father's old farm. She is one of those dear New England women we love to hear about. A woman who makes the world better for having lived in it. A friend to the rich and poor alike. When hsr Father's eyesight failed, she took the Post Office and was Postmistress for over ten years. She is now corres- pondent far two leading Newspapers in Somerset County. Her nephew Fred Hayden is living with her and carries on the farm. 

Enoch Hayden. The story as told by Olive Hayden. When Daniel Hayden moved his family from Gray to Madison, it was no easy matter to find a place to stay at night. At last they found a place where they could be taken in for the night. As he unloaded his little family he discovered Enoch was missing. Consternation reigned. A little boy was out somewheres on the road in the cold and snow and it was dark. After going back two miles they discovered a light in the window of a log farm house. The house was some distance from the road. Here they found the boy. Little Enoch had gone to sleep and rolled off the sled He woke up and found he was alone. He saw the light and went to the house. They took him in and told him his father would be back soon for him. They fed him and put him in the little trundle bed with their children, and he was soon fast asleep. He was six years old. 

[for further reference,also from same publication]

RICHARD HAYDEN, son of Clement and Hannah Hogin Hayden, born Nov. 7th,·1741, at Braintree, Mass. He died in 1829 at Madison Centre, on Hayden Lake, Maine. He married Mary in Braintree and moved to Gray, Me. with his father Clement, about 1758. In 1802 he and Mary moved with their son Jedediah to Madison Centre where they both died. .Mary's age 80 years. They are both buried in the old cemetery on the road leading from Skowhegan to East Madison. Children: Elisha, Jonathan, Richard, David, Clement, Jedediah,· Enoch, Samuel, Daniel, Mary and Sally.   In 1818 his front room was used for a school. One of his Soldier 8tories was: His Capt. used to take him and two tall fellows for scouting duties. Re was short and stout built. In the winter when the snow was deep, he used to follow the tall men and had to hop to land in their tracks. 

Saturday, March 21, 2020

Lakewood Theater in a "Bicentennial Moment"

 As the State of Maine celebrates 200 years of being a state, here is a "Bicentennial Moment" featuring the theater from the Maine Department of the Secretary of State.