Sunday, July 23, 2023

little green


Not quite the bounty of community grown veggies I had hoped to have been growing on Olive Street this season... but still a wonderful thing to see! Tomatoes, some beefstake and some cherry, peppers, broccoli that may or may not produce... blueberries are coming in plentiful as always... it's something, it's a start!

More volunteers are requested for next year to make our gardens grow.

Friday, July 14, 2023

Tucker Atwood presents his own play, "Waiting in the Wings" at Lakewood Theater for three days at the end of the season! Performing Friday, September 29th  & Saturday, September 30th at 8pm, and  Sunday, October 1st at 4pm

The description is as follows: While the ghosts of a recently deceased actor and a long-forgotten usher roam through the cluttered backstage of the theater they each called home, a group of living thespians make an unexpected connection between their worlds. As the season progresses, all souls become deeply intertwined in the complicated web of life, death, and summer theater.