Monday, May 18, 2020

on Olive Street: in pandemic

It was a long winter, and springtime goes towards summer, but the world around us is still moving slowly, finding it's way.

At this time walls are being painted, flowers planted, tea cups and furniture are being organized at the Sugar Tree Cottage. With many variables to consider in deciding in what capacity we be will open, if at all, we are quite sure there will be no artist openings or live music events, and we are also not scheduling any classes or tea tastings, but may later offer occasional "porch front" pick up of pre-packaged teas and other items.

We find ourselves continuing to also paint and plan in the Tower House, and Swampy, and we are very proud to say that a garden has now been planted and is growing well (thanks to helpful volunteers) at the Tower House, and two raised beds have gone in elsewhere on Olive Street!

We also have been gifted an upright piano, so by the 2021 season we hope to connect with someone who would be interested in offering lessons, and perhaps someone for voice.
Painting, planting and planning indeed, as in addition to the piano we've done a little extra procuring too... and have made the purchase of two more camps on Olive Street!! This is very exciting, as the vision for Olive Street is being expanded! There will be more space available for artists to use as studio space or retreat, more instructional workshop space, and more flower and vegetable gardens!

Indeed more painting, planting and planning, but we don't mind! Thrilling to think that with hard work it may be as soon as next year that we may be able to begin an "in residence" programs for writers, artists, theater people & their families at our camps!