The Corner

Resting on the corner at 15 Olive, what was once the Perkins House is a true piece of Lakewood Theater history.  Charles F. Perkins was a very renowned and longtime (from 1912-1955) scenic designer at Lakewood, and his son, James, was an actor in several productions from 1932 - 1940.  We purchased this camp in 2020 from Charles' grand-daughter Barbara, and we love to imagine the creative meetings that took place there & the possibly very interesting guests. Many of the family antiques remain, and we have kept it decorated in the spirit of the Perkins eras.

With two bedrooms upstairs, and extra space for a roll-out cot in the library area, it will sleep four to five plus. There is a sunny kitchen & sitting room downstairs, bathroom with shower, and lovely screened porch as well. Enjoy the beautiful grassy yard - a portion of which is one of the three common flower & veggie gardens in our cooperative and includes young apple trees and blueberry bushes. There is direct shared access to Hayden Brook just across the road at either the Lodge or  Gardener's cottages. The community Olive Street bridge over Hayden Brook makes for a very short and pleasant walk to Lakewood Theater, Restaurant, and Lake Wesserunsett. 

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All guest cottages On Olive Street provides one set of linens per bed, and two sets of towels for your convenience upon arrival, but you are asked to provide any extras you may require. Guests are responsible for all laundry and cleaning during their stay.

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