The Gardener's

Under Construction in 2024

The Gardeners cottage sits in the far corner of Olive Street, overlooking gardens and Hayden Brook.

The screened porch is perfect for morning coffee & muffins, or evening ice tea.

The first floor, another community artist space, has an open kitchen/living space, and full bath. The private second floor has two bedrooms and another full bath.  

We are currently interested in offering this space in exchange for a Master Gardener for the 2025* (late spring - early autumn season)  Responsibilities will include to care for scattered flower gardens, berry bushes, and six young apple trees, as well as planting four micro vegetable gardens. May also include giving brief instruction to volunteers, and occasional educational tours. Estimated 28 hour work week. Ability and desire to offer workshops on related gardening themes in addition to that time is a definite plus.  We are taking letters of interest for this situation, and will be in contact over the winter if we decide we would like to have an application from you. Final decision will be made in April 2025

*The Master Gardener position is offered with the entire second floor space and only ask a $400 fee for the whole season to cover a portion of expenses. If you are willing to allow us to use one of the bedrooms for the residency program, the fee will be reduced or possibly eliminated.

Please contact by email at  or you may send your letter of interest to: The Olive Street Project c/o Dawnella Sutton PO Box 51 Edgecomb, Maine 04556

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