The Tower

  This is where the true vision for the project has its roots. The Tower at 4 Olive Street [indeed once known as the heart of Wild Olive] was the first communal space for Lakewood Theater actors, techies, and their families; as well an occasional wandering artist having used the studio.

Here you could find a common kitchen to make and share meals before or after rehearsals and shows, a hot shower, and comfortable rooms to rest in. The former dance hall is an available opportunity for rehearsing, dancing, singing... or may be considered studio space for creating your art or giving lessons if you choose to do so. (Please visit the page regarding residencies here)

A large backyard and tidy side yard provides ample expanse for shared gardening, intended to help feed the residents of the house (and to be maintained by the residents) Shared access to Hayden Brook. The Olive Street community bridge makes for a very short and pleasant walk to Lakewood Theater, Restaurant, and Lake Wesserunsett.

For overnight stays, single or extended, there are two private bedrooms, one in the tower and one on the first floor. There is a futon on the second floor landing & another on the sunny porch. The facility can sleep up to eight easily, with the possibility of more. Designated platforms for tents are planned for the future.

For more information or to request reservations, to be considered for the 2023 season; please send an email to

All guest cottages On Olive Street provides one set of linens per bed, and two sets of towels for your convenience upon arrival, but you are asked to provide any extras you may require. Guests are responsible for all laundry and cleaning during their stay.

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