Wednesday, December 15, 2021


This is Peach. She's been at the Sugar Tree cottage since August, staying mostly hidden, being very shy. Seems to be enjoying winter cottage life and these months later is becoming a little more social; demanding, in fact, special attentions of belly rubs. Has she quietly been making plans to become the official cottage cat?

All the same, when Willow returns during the next Lakewood summer season, she will still be Queen, and Peach politely her lady-in-waiting. 

Saturday, December 11, 2021


Feeling happy to have a little snowfall here, and very much enjoying the repairs/remodel to the porch at the Sugar Tree Cottage as a place to observe the light as air flakes drift to the ground. 

Our hopes & plans are to be able to use the porch as a warming area for Cross Country skiiers coming down our way from the Lakewood Golf Course trails once enough snow piles up! We'll have tea, cocoa & coffee... and of course some cookies too.

Keep watching for more snow!