Sunday, April 30, 2023


Often I seem obsessed with cups and bowls and plates and dishes of all kinds. How lucky that there are a handful of kitchens here to stock and then re-stock with these lovelies. There is a shifting and sharing this time of year, and such fun in creating new groupings.

So if you arrive at a community kitchen or are staying at one of the cabins and you seem to be missing your favorite tea cup, don't worry, it is still somewhere here On Olive Street. It's just having a visit and being a part of a new adventure in another residence's cabinet.

This very often happens with furniture too, as you might notice.

Simply without the cabinets, of course

Tuesday, April 25, 2023

self-serve tea

The studio space at the Sugar Tree Cottage will be unavailable until sometime in mid-June, so the tea spot has been moved to the porch at the Perkins House.

It is currently BYOWater - as I can not be relied upon to bring freshies every day at this point, and you should maybe BYOCup too....   so really all I'm providing is some tea and a way to heat water, along with a place to sit; but the flowers should be blooming soon, and the sound of the brook is always amazing, so a sit down will do your soul good. 

Feel free to take your cup of tea across the street and enjoy it on the porch of the Gardener's Cottage instead if you wish.

Just remember, the grounds are under construction still...  be careful where you walk, and be aware that progress related eyesores are present. Just overlook them and find beauty where you may.

Sunday, April 23, 2023

little details

Loving the new beautiful trim on the Cabbage's loft windows.  

Simple, but these are the things that often set me down to sit and stare, and ponder. Things like the art of shapes, wood grain, the sound of the brook rushing past, trees in bud, the pattern in the fur of the cat outside stalking a bird on the pine-needle covered ground. 

When the world can seem so very big and overwhelming sometimes, it's the little details that can matter so much.

Monday, April 3, 2023

space available

Cast notices for the 2023 Lakewood Theater Season went out today! There will soon be a bustle of folks picking up thier scripts and getting ready for rehearsals! 

Just like you, I'll be waiting to hear who is in what, but know I am excited to be welcoming back MJ Clifford, Tucker & Autumn Atwood, and Colton Bagley here on Olive Street [Jakob Sutton, of course, is already here... and it is confirmed that he will be appearing on the Lakewood stage as well]

We still have space available for theater & restaurant folk (read more about that on the LCH page) and artists in residence (please see the Art Residencies page for that)