The Cabbage

The Cabbage has a special place in the hearts of generations of Lakewood folk, as you can see by many of their signatues upon the walls.

Sitting up in the woods on the hilly side of Olive Street, overlooking the brook, this cabin/cottage is a simple dwelling, consisting of a well sized main room with dining table and futon, a small kitchen, a bathroom with shower, and a sleeping loft with one full sized mattress/boxspring and a full+ sized sleeping mat.

The space behind the Cabbage has a hammock, propane grill, and sitting area with small firepit & wood provided. By the front of the building is a beautiful tall pine, and the neighbor's large fire pit where occasional Lakewood Community bonfires take place.

The walk up from the road/parking is a very steep climb of approx. 100 feet - please be advised that this small trek makes the Cabbage very much for the young of heart and strong-legged folk.

In the Spring and Autumn of each year we will be scheduling the space for healing modalities and are seeking interested massage and reiki therapists. Sessions will run April - June, and October - November.

For more information about being either a guest or a practioner during these windows, please send an email to

All guest cottages On Olive Street provides one set of linens per bed, and two sets of towels for your convenience upon arrival, but you are asked to provide any extras you may require. Guests are responsible for all laundry and cleaning during their stay.


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