The Project

Located across the footbridge from the Lakewood Theater parking lot, is Olive Street.  In as much of it which is ours to share - currently eight cabins & cottages - our heartfelt goal is that it will forevermore exist as a place where creativity thrives and is truly appreciated. 

We endeavor first and foremost to be a home away from home for the folks that make Lakewood Theater what it is - the actors & techies, as well as the Lakewood Inn Restaurant staff - providing to them comforts such as a community kitchen, gardens, and collaborative housing. Thusly, if you are currently any of the above, please do visit the LCH page

Beyond this, we strongly believe that a very important part of any community are the artists*, so we additionally offer a variety of studio spaces on the grounds to individuals and groups who may be in search of such.  Artists* & benefactors are warmly invited to view the aptly named Studio Space page for details regarding some of those areas. 

 As a road that loops, from the afore mentioned community bridge, it is a pleasant walk along Olive Street following a show at Lakewood Theater, meal at the Lakewood Inn Restaurant, or paddle across Lake Wesserunsett. You may find our flower gardens in bloom, the chance to sit and sip tea while Hayden Brook passes by, or, during the snowy winter months after a cross-country ski jaunt on the Lakewood Golf Course trails, you may enjoy a hot beverage in one of our warming areas.

Volunteers are also always welcomed, whether short or long term.

    A directory of the cabins & cottages for those interested in LCH, staying with us as an artist in residence, supporters of the project, or sojourners in general, can be found in brief on this page here.    

*To us, the term artist encompasses not only those of theater arts, or media arts, but those interested in exploring and sharing their culinary, landscape, healing, or other artistry as well 


This blog was created to share snippets of this journey, and more importantly, for the opportunity to have others to engage with us in it and become a part of it.  We can always be reached for questions and suggestions through email at 

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