Lakewood Collaberative Housing

The information on this page is for those who are a part of the active Lakewood Theater community - be it actor, techie, or Lakewood Inn Restaurant staff  -  interested in overnight accommodations during the 2024 season on Olive Street; for the full season or shorter stays. 

Full Season: We will be offering dormitory style community housing at the Cabin this season. First dibs on spaces are given to full season* residents and as of  May 11th we have three full season beds available. If you would like to request one of those spaces now, please send an email with subject line "request LCH season" to  The the Cabin has a shared kitchen, bathroom, and living room area; two porches, a yard overlooking Hayden Brook, and is home to the community bonfire.  You'll find a brief Cabin 'Welcome Letter' link  here   

Shorter Stays: If the dorms are fully booked, and even if they aren't, other camps & cottages that are part of the on Olive Street project; this year includes the Tower, the Corner, as well as the Cabbage, will be available for short term LCH housing.  New this year, is a calendar for booking LCH single night or weekly stays, and more information on that can be found here. 

Throughout the season, friends & family of Lakewood are also invited to come stay at the Tower, Corner, or Cabbage, and support the project by paying a small fee greater than LCH. Please have those interested contact me!

Fees and frees: This project has been specifically created for the Lakewood community, and the goal is to eventually make all LCH totally free to all Lakewood community members. In the meantime, we need to at least break even on our recurring expenses [includes wifi, electric, water, and septic fees] for the project to continue. There is a "give back" model in place, allowing you to volunteer/barter goods and/or services towards a portion of your guest fee.  A few of the proposed ways listed on the volunteer opportunities page may apply, but we above all else welcome your creativity, so please give us any of your ideas!  If you simply do not have the time or energy, the current full cash rates per person are as follows:

Whole Season:   $650  Cabin   

Two Week Block:   $140  Cabin   

- One Week Block:   $80   Cabin  

Single Nights:    $25   Cabin   

Do you have tenure at Lakewood?  If you have experience on the Lakewood Theater stage, and/or backstage, for ten seasons or more, you are a  Lakewood Longtimer.  As availability allows, LLs are invited to stay on Olive Street for two weeks or less, for free.

Info for all LCH guests:

All guest cottages on Olive Street have one set of linens provided per bed, and set of towels for your convenience upon arrival, but you are asked to please bring any extras that you may require.

- Kitchens have a variety of cookware, plates and utensils. Bathrooms have a limited supply of toiletries & toiletpaper, as well as there being cleaning solutions and equiptment. 

-  LCH guests are responsible for all laundry and cleaning during their stay. 

- Wifi is available at every residence.

All residences on Olive Street have shared if not direct access to Hayden Brook, as well shared access to the community bridge over Hayden Brook to the Lakewood Theater parking lot. 

*The season is based upon that of the restaurant, May into October. Seasonal rentals require at least a 50% deposit, or with a lesser deposit, a degree of in-earnest volunteer time put in. (Please talk to Dawnella if neither of these are possible and she will always work something out.) 


Under Construction: We are still hoping to find a Master Gardener to come stay at the Gardener's cottage to help with the care and instruction to volunteers for the community gardens, but plan to make the lower level a community space including a lounge with wifi, kitchen & bathroom.

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