Cabins & Cottages

Our cabins & cottages are ment for LCH & visiting artists, but as schedule may allow, are often also available to rent in general.  All buildings that are part of the On Olive Street project were all built in the late 1800s to early 1900s.  Though some renovations have been made and modern conveniences added, they are all simple dwellings and hold a certain charm along with their history. 

You can click on the map to expand it, and please do click on the individual titles below to read more about each one. 


Please take note:

  • Cabins #30 & #32 are marked on the map to show where the community bridge between  Olive Street  and the Lakewood Theater & Lakewood Inn Restaurant  parking lot is located. 
  • The cabin at #29 is the private residence of one of the co-founders of the On Olive Street project, Jakob Sutton, and is marked as he often hands out keys & helps organize volunteers.  The cottage at #26 is the private residence of Dawnella Sutton
  • All cabins, cottages, houses...the buildings...and the areas surrounding them including community spaces, are cigargette free. Medicinal herbs are allowed, cigars & pipes are permitted out of doors with consideration to housemates. 
  • There are two community kayaks (paddles & life vests) available: you must ask to reserve one or both.

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