Volunteer Opportunities

Our volunteers are the folks otherwise known as our "bees"

Bees are good pollinators, community builders, and some even make honey.

We welcome genuine bees (genus Apis) and bee-like folk here, to enjoy and help cultivate the neighborhood.  Everyone's time, talents, and helping hands are appreciated greatly, and there are many ways to contribute. 

Just a few suggestions include:

- Help care for the gardens and other landscaping

- Build/donate a bench

- Help keep the pantries full in the community kitchens

- Volunteer to do laundry

- Join a painting party

- Do the mowing

- Help with opening of residences (clean out cobwebs/wash windows) 

- Help build planters or recycling bins

- Pick up the recycling

- Bring bird seed for the feeders

- Offer space on your lawn for an On Olive Street pop-up art sale

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