Friday, January 7, 2022

keep the light on

You may be familar with the ghost light in the theater -  a single bulb left burning whenever the theater is dark* - but I have been enjoying a ghost light of another sort this off season as well, as the large light in the Lakewood Theater parking lot has remained lit nightly, a clear and steady beacon visable from the Sugar Tree cottage. It brings me comfort. 

Like my personal lighthouse in the winter fog.

*A theater being "dark" means that the theater is currently not open, not just the state of physical lighting. No shows, no rehersals, no sets being built. In general, some say the light is on to keep away ghosts, some say it is to light the way for the ghosts that already inhabit the theater (which is more the case for Lakewood)... and some even say it is on to keep the stage manager from tripping when he first comes in to work