Friday, September 30, 2022

October on Olive Street

October is such a beautiful time of year! It brings with it slowing down and a chance to breathe in the cool air. The bright flowers of summer give way to the muted colors of mums, the squirrels start to get a little more serious with thier gathering. On Olive Street it means the transition from the summer season to the winter and the change of activities.  A tiny flea market in being planned to take place at the Tower House this month, as we let a few things from storage go and offer handmade goods from the Sugar Tree Cottage. [contact me if you would like to set up a table here as well]   We are also still seeking volunteers for Halloween to decorate, dress up, and hand out goodies perhaps.... and if there is enough interest we could do a haunted house! Or two or three even? 

November will see us continuing projects, including the repairs to the bridge for my Sugar Tree Cottage, so we can again be welcoming nordic skiiers in for hot chocolate this winter; and the small studio space will be available. Studio space will also be opened at the Tower House. What comes next after that is shifting the Perkins House on it's axis to set a little further back from the corner, and make way perhaps for planting more apple trees next May. Through the rest of the winter the Brook House will be completed, as well as the new Gardeners Cottage... and maybe another surprise or two. 

Right now we are enjoying the last few opportunities to dine at the Lakewood Inn Restaurant, and looking forward to the actor's awards banquet for Lakewood Theater in a couple of weeks. Though that side of the brook gets sleepy soon, we remain to watch the ice and snow arrive, and melt again. Cozy in our cottages

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