Thursday, July 7, 2022

bathtub tomato

To my surprise, this morning I found there is a tiny green tomato growing an an orphan plant in the bathtub at the Sugar Tree cottage.

Happy to see blossoms on the tomato plants in the containers on the deck, baby cucumbers on the vines. 

However, I also did have to take note that the snails may be the only ones to enjoy the cabbage, and the pepper plants have not grown any taller. The berry bush that I have allowed to push it's way into the light by squeezing itself up between the deck boards will bear no fruit. 

And the morning glories are in the middle of a rather aggressive takeover of the tiger lillies.

My green thumb skills are lacking to say the least. Later this month I take over one of the most beautiful flower gardens on Olive Street and I'm not feeling ready! 


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