Thursday, December 22, 2022

challenge for the bees


We've said it before... we love bees. We very much want to invite lots of happy bees to pollinate and buzz around our plants and gardens on Olive Street! And wouldn't it be cool to make our own honey...someday?

Personally, I am allergic to certain bees and wasps (doesn't prevent me from being friendly with them and housing Mason Bees et cetera though!) Well MOFGA is offering a three part webinar on beekeping for beginers starting in January... so here's the dealio: if you apply and are accepted for the 2023 Gardeners Cottage position, an artists residency, or Lakewood housing, and you take this course, we will reimburse you (at the $40 level) for it. If you commit to be a volunteer and complete a minimum of 100 hours by the end of the season, and you take this course, we will reimburse you for it.

Helps our project, helps the bees, helps the planet. A worthy investment for sure!

Read more about the course here

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