Saturday, December 24, 2022

the force of water

We, like many others in the area, had downpours of rain yesterday. Hayden Brook filled and swelled and raged past, and for a bit of time flowed ... yes, flowed... under and around the Sugar Tree cottage itself. 

Other than a sprint I took up the small hill to Hayden Street when someone called to say the roof of the Tower House was on fire - it wasn't, but a tree branch had fallen and ignited itself on the powerlines by the neighbor's, and from the individual's perspective it looked as if flames were coming from the TH roof - the strong winds and continuing rain made me think it best to stay sheltered and not venture too far in the dark of night.

The sun risen and the rain ceased, the brook has now returned to the confines of its path, though still quite high; and the banks indeed quite reshaped. 

On this morning's walk I found the heavy metal bridge frame at the Gardeners Cottage bent and twisted, and looking like it fought it's hardest against the water, ice, and tree branches the brook had accumulated along it's way.  

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